NTS will setup a WordPress website for you (WordPress + Linux). All you’ll need to do is log in and design your site. WordPress makes this very easy and we will show you how to get started.

Total Package:

$400 one time for setup + $10.00 per month for hosting / security / backups.

    • WordPress Setup with remote access
      • WordPress Security
    • WordPress Backups
    • WordPress Hosting
    • Setup of HTTPS
    • Training

Buy now

Separate Units:

    • WordPress Setup = $275.00
    • WordPress Hosting = $10.00 mo. 
      • No limitations on space or bandwidth. No limitations on what you can do.
      • No Pornography.
      • $10 per restore (i.e., if you request NTS restore your site from backup)
        • NOTE: You can also do backups yourself which we recommend. However, it’s worth $10 to have NTS restore.