Help Desk

Let NTS help you with your general IT related issues:

Technical support for everything on the LAN (local area network): workstations, Microsoft Apps, Apple, printers, wireless routers / Wi-Fi, Open Source, mobile phones, Internet speed, billing issues, malware, email, backups, disaster recovery, etc.

There is no problem you’re having NTS cannot help you with.

How it works:

  1. Schedule a free call with NTS and we’ll discuss your issue.
    1. If your issue is software related:
      1. We’ll do a quick remote session to ascertain the severity of the issue:
        1. If we can solve it on the spot – $45.00
        2. If we can solve your issue remotely,  but it’s going to take a few hours – $75.00.
    2. If your issue is hardware related:
      1. Schedule an onsite call – $30.00 + $45 hr. starting when onsite.
      2. Drop your hardware off at the office in Saline, MI. – we’ll call you with a final price which usually include hardware costs.




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